Custom Bearings

At apt bearing, we try to provide a readily available off-the-shelf solution for your application.  In certain situations our off-the-shelf items don’t quite meet the demanding applications our customers face. In these cases, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to properly design and manufacture a bearing that specifically meets those needs.

Custom Bearing

Custom Bearing features can include:

  • Special Bore, OD, and Width Dimensions
  • Special geometric features on bearing surfaces
  • Special seal designs for various applications
  • Osculation for load capacity or friction
  • Special Coated Bearings
  • Non-standard material
  • Special retainer options for higher speed or temperature
  • Ball size or quantity

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Custom Bearings

Types of custom bearings:

  • Custom ball bearings
  • Custom thrust bearings
  • Custom spherical bearings
  • Custom bushings
  • Custom rod ends
  • Custom roller bearings
  • Custom linear bearings