Bearing Consulting and Bearing Failure Analysis Services

With our extensive experience, APT Bearing can offer professional bearing consulting and provide a solution for your challenging application

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Conditions – Causes – Corrections

Professional bearing consulting services we provide

Bearing Failure Analysis

Bearing Failure Analysis to understand why bearings prematurely failed and prevent future occurrences.

Bearing Design Assistance

Professional understanding to insure that your bearing is designed to fit your needs.

Proper Bearing Specification and Selection

Selecting exactly the right product and specifications for your application.

Custom Bearing Design

Professional engineering services to solve challenging design problems.

bearing failure analysis consulting
bearing failure analysis consulting

Providing Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience in the ball bearing industry allows apt bearing llc the ability to help your company solve its problems or offer a second opinion.  Listed above is a small list of services and issues we can offer assistance with. We look forward to speaking with you about your application and offering suggestions that will help your company run smoother.