About Us

APT Bearing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 registered Global supplier of high-quality bearing products to Distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers. We specialize in miniature precision ball bearings, industrial ball bearings, and extreme and unique bearing application solutions.  Our product expertise allows us the ability to partner with customers and determine the right bearing for each application – ideally a semi-standard bearing solution but sometimes a unique cost-effective custom bearing to solve a challenging technical problem.  Understanding and selecting the right bearing is essential to ensuring end-product functionality as well as cost containment and ensuring availability during production. APT Bearing, Inc. products are manufactured in accordance with stringent ABEC/ISO standards and are available for same day shipping.

Our products are used in many industries with high standards including Aerospace, Machine Tool, Automotive, Robotics, Medical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment and Industrial Equipment. Our experience and expertise has helped numerous customers solve problems using special bearing designs suited to their specific applications.  Alternatively, we have commercially available ball bearing designs that may be ideal for your application. Our products cover a broad range of bearing designs as listed below.  Contact APT today to assist you with your bearing requirements.

  • Precision Miniature Ball Bearings
  • Industrial Radial Bearings
  • Thrust Ball Bearings
  • Full Ceramic Radial Ball Bearings
  • Drawn Cup Needle Bearings
  • Plain Sleeve Bearings
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Thin Section Ball Bearings
  • Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Self-Lubricated Linear Ball Bearings
  • Custom Bearings
  • Bearing Consulting Services

























Inch Series Standard Open									
APT P/N	McMaster-Carr ABEC7	McMaster-Carr ABEC5	NHBB	GRW	BARDEN	MPB_(Timken)	RMB	FAG	McMaster-Carr ABEC1
SSBR09	3826T1	57155K339	SSRI-2	SS1016	SR09	S2C	UL1304X	SR0308	
SSBR0	3826T2	57155K341	SSRI-21/2	SS1191	SR0	S21/2C	UL1505X	SR0310	
SSBR1	3826T3	57155K342	SSRI-3	SS1397	SR1	S3C	R1706X	SR0412	
SSBR1-4	3826T4	57155K343	SSRI-4	SS5/64	SR1-4	S4C	R2508X	SR0516	
SSBR133	3826T5	57155K344	SSRI-3332	SS2380	SR133	S3332C	UL3006X	SR0612	
SSBR1-5	3826T6	57155K345	SSRI-5	SS3/32	SR1-5	S5C	R3010X	SR0620	
SSBR144	3826T7	57155K346	SSRI-418	SS3175	SR144	S418C	UL4008X	SR0816	
SSBR2-5	3826T8	57155K347	SSRI-518	SS1/8A	SR2-5	S518C	R4010X	SR0820	
SSBR2-6		57155K348	SSRI-618	SS1/8A/6	SR2-6	S618C		SR0824	
SSBR2	3826T9	57155K349	SSR-2	SS1/8B	SR2	SR2C	R4012X	SR2	6138K11
SSBR2A			SSR-2A	SS1/8B/083	SR2A	SR2AC		SR2A	
SSBR155	3826T11	57155K351	SSRI-5532	SS3967	SR155	SR5532C	UL5010X	SR1020	
SSBR156	3826T12	57155K352	SSRI-5632	SS4763A	SR156	SR5632C	UL6010X	SR1220	
SSBR166	3826T13	57155K353	SSRI-6632	SS4763B	SR166	S6316C	UL6012X	SR1224	
SSBR3	3826T14	57155K354	SSR-3	SS3/16	SR3	SR3C	R6016X	SR3	6138K42
SSBR168	3826T15	57155K355	SSRI-614	SS6350A	SR168	S614C	UL8012X	SR1624	
SSBR188	3826T16	57155K356	SSRI-814	SS6350B	SR188	S814C	UL8016X	SR1632	
SSBR4	3826T17	57155K357	SSR-4	SS1/4A	SR4	SR4C	R8020X	SR4	6138K13
SSBR1810	3826T18	57155K358	SSRI-8516	SS7938	SR1810	S8516C	UL10016X	SR2032	
Inch Series Standard Shielded									
APT P/N	McMaster-Carr ABEC7	McMaster-Carr ABEC5	NHBB	GRW	BARDEN	MPB_(Timken)	RMB	FAG	McMaster-Carr ABEC1
SSBR0ZZ	3759T41	57155K359	SSRI-21/2ZZ	SS1191-2Z	SR0SS	S21/2CHH	ULZ1505X	SR03102Z	
SSBR1ZZ	3759T42	57155K361	SSRI-3ZZ	SS1397-2Z	SR1SS	S3CHH		SR04122Z	
SSBR1-4ZZ	3759T43	57155K362	SSRI-4ZZ	SS5/64-2Z	SR1-4SS	S4CHH		SR05162Z	
SSBR133ZZ			SSRI-3332ZZ	SS2380-2Z	SR133ZZS	S3332CHH	ULZ3006X	SR06122Z	
SSBR1-5ZZ	3759T45	57155K364	SSRI-5ZZ	SS3/32-2Z	SR1-5ZZS	S5CHH		SR06202Z	
SSBR2-6ZZ	3759T48	57155K367	SSRI-618ZZ	SS1/8A/6-2Z	SR2-6ZZS	S618CHH		SR08242Z	
SSBR2ZZ	3759T49	57155K368	SSR-2ZZ	SS1/8B-2Z	SR2ZZ	SR2CHH		SR22Z	6138K52
SSBR2AZZ	3759T51	57155K369	SSR2ZZA	SS1/S/8B/083-2Z	SR2AZZ		SR2AZ		
SSBR155ZZ	3759T52	57155K371	SSRI-5532ZZ	SS3967-2Z	SR155ZZS	SR5532CHH	ULZ5010X	SR10202Z	
SSBR156ZZ	3759T53	57155K372	SSRI-5632ZZ	SS4763A-2Z	SR156ZZS	SR5632CHH	ULZ6010X	SR12202Z	
SSBR166ZZ	3759T54	57155K373	SSRI-6632ZZ	SS4763B-2Z	SR166ZZ	S6316CHH	ULZ6012X	SR12242Z	
SSBR3ZZ	3759T55		SSR-3ZZ	SS3/16-2Z	SR3ZZ	SR3CHH	RV6016X	SR32Z	6138K53
SSBR168ZZ	3759T56	57155K375	SSRI-614ZZ	SS6350A-2Z	SR168ZZS	S614CHH	ULZ8012X	SR16242Z	
SSBR188ZZ	3759T57	57155K376	SSRI-814ZZ	SS6350B-2Z	SR188ZZ	S814CHH	ULZ8016X	SR16322Z	
SSBR4ZZ	3759T58		SSR-4ZZ	SS1/4A-2Z	SR4ZZ	SR4CHH		SR42Z	6138K54
SSBR1810ZZ	3759T59	57155K378	SSRI-8516ZZ	SS7938-2Z	SR1810ZZS	S8516CHH	ULZ10016X	SR20322Z	
Inch Series Flanged Open									
APT P/N	McMaster-Carr ABEC7	McMaster-Carr ABEC5	NHBB	GRW	BARDEN	MPB_(Timken)	RMB	FAG	
SSBFR0	4259T1	57155K201	SSRIF-21/2	SSF1191	SFR0	S21/2FC	ULK1505X	SRF0310	
SSBFR1	4259T2		SSRIF-3	SSF1397	SFR1	S3FC		SRF412	
SSBFR1-4	4259T3	57155K202	SSRIF-4	SSF5/64	SFR1-4	S4FC		SRF0516	
SSBFR133	4259T4	57155K203	SSRIF-3332	SSF2380	SFR133	S3332FC	ULK3006X	SRF0612	
SSBFR1-5	4259T5	57155K204	SSRIF-5	SSF3/32	SFR1-5	S5FC		SRF0620	
SSBFR144	4259T6	57155K205	SSRIF-418	SSF3175	SFR144	S418FC	ULK4008X	SRF0816	
SSBFR2-5	4259T7	57155K206	SSRIF-518	SSF1/8A	SFR2-5	S518FC		SRF0820	
SSBFR2-6			SSRIF-618	SSF1/8A/6	SFR2-6	S618FC		SRF0824	
SSBFR2	4259T8	57155K207	SSRF-2	SSF1/8B	SFR2	SR2FC		SRF2	
SSBFR155	4259T9	57155K208	SSRIF-5532	SSF3967	SFR155	SR5532FC	ULK5010X	SRF1020	
SSBFR156	4259T11	57155K209	SSRIF-5632	SSF4763A	SFR156	SR5632FC	ULK6010X	SRF1220	
SSBFR166	4259T12	57155K301	SSRIF-6632	SSF4763B	SFR166	S6316FC	ULK6012X	SRF1224	
SSBFR3	4259T13	57155K302	SSRF-3	SSF3/16	SFR3X3	SR3FC	RKT6016X	SRF3	
SSBFR168	4259T14	57155K303	SSRIF-614	SSF6350A	SFR168	S614FC	ULK8012X	SRF1624	
SSBFR188	4259T15	57155K304	SSRIF-814	SSF6350B	SFR188	S814FC	ULK8016X	SRF1632	
SSBFR4	4259T16	57155K305	SSRF-4	SSF1/4A	SFR4	SR4FC	RK8020X	SRF4	
SSBFR1810	4259T17	57155K306	SSRIF-8516	SSF7938	SFR1810	S8516FC		SRF2032	
Inch Series Flanged Shielded									
APT P/N	McMaster-Carr ABEC7	McMaster-Carr ABEC5	NHBB	GRW	BARDEN	MPB_(Timken)	RMB	FAG	
SSBFR0ZZ	4262T21	57155K307	SSRIF-21/2ZZ	SSF1191-2Z	SFR0SS	S21/2FCHH	ULKZ1505X	SRF03102Z	
SSBFR1-4ZZ	4262T23	57155K309	SSRIF-4ZZ	SSF5/64-2Z	SFR1-4SS	S4FCHH		SRF05162Z	
SSBFR133ZZ	4262T24	57155K311	SSRIF-3332ZZ	SSF2380-2Z	SFR133SS	S3332FCHH	ULKZ3006X	SRF06122Z	
SSBFR1-5ZZ	4262T25	57155K312	SSRIF-5ZZ	SSF3/32-2Z	SFR1-5SS	S5FCHH		SRF06202Z	
SSBFR144ZZ	4262T26	57155K313	SSRIF-418ZZ	SSF3175-2Z	SFR144SS	S418FCHH	ULKZ4008X	SRF08162Z	
SSBFR2-5ZZ	4262T27	57155K314	SSRIF-518ZZ	SSF1/8A-2Z	SFR2-5SS	S518FCHH		SRF08202Z	
SSBFR2-6ZZ		57155K315	SSRIF-618ZZ	SSF1/8A/6-2Z	SFR2-6SS	S618FCHH		SRF08242Z	
SSBFR2ZZ	4262T28	57155K316	SSRF-2ZZ	SSF1/8B-2Z	SFR2SS	SR2FCHH		SRF22Z	
SSBFR155ZZ	4262T31	57155K317	SSRIF-5532ZZ	SSF3967-2Z	SFR155SS	SR5532FCHH	ULKZ5010X	SRF10202Z	
SSBFR156ZZ	4262T32	57155K318	SSRIF-5632ZZ	SSF4763A-2Z	SFR156SS	SR5632FCHH	ULKZ6010X	SRF12202Z	
SSBFR166ZZ	4262T33	57155K319	SSRIF-6632ZZ	SSF4763B-2Z	SFR166SS	S6316FCHH	ULKZ6012X	SRF12242Z	
SSBFR3ZZ	4262T34	57155K321	SSRF-3ZZ	SSF3/16-2Z	SFR3SS	SR3FCHH		SRF32Z	
SSBFR168ZZ	4262T35	57155K322	SSRIF-614ZZ	SSF6350A-2Z	SFR168SS	S614FCHH	ULKZ8012X	SRF16242Z	
SSBFR188ZZ	4262T36	57155K323	SSRIF-814ZZ	SSF6350B-2Z	SFR188SS	S814FCHH	ULKZ8016X	SRF16322Z	
SSBFR4ZZ	4262T37	57155K324	SSRF-4ZZ	SSF1/4A-2Z	SFR4SS	SR4FCHH		SRF42Z	
SSBFR1810ZZ	4262T38	57155K325	SSRIF-8516ZZ	SSF7938-2Z	SFR1810SS	S8516FCHH		SRF20322Z	
Inch Series Extended Inner Ring Standard Open									
APT P/N	NHBB	MPB_(Timken)							
	SSRI-2EE	S2CE							
SSBRW0	SSRI-21/2EE	S21/2CE							
SSBRW1-4	SSRI-4EE	S4CE							
SSBRW133	SSRI-3332EE	S3332CE							
SSBRW1-5	SSRI-5EE	S5CE							
SSBRW144	SSRI-418EE	S418CE							
SSBRW2-5	SSRI-518EE	S518CE							
SSBRW2-6	SSRI-618EE	S618CE							
	SSR-2AEE	SR2ACE							
SSBRW155	SSRI-5532EE	SR5532CE							
SSBRW166	SSRI-6632EE	S6316CE							
SSBRW168	SSRI-614EE	S614CE							
SSBRW188	SSRI-814EE	S814CE							
SSBRW1810	SSRI-8516EE	S8516CE							
Inch Series Extended Inner Ring Standard Shielded									
APT P/N	NHBB	MPB_(Timken)	McMaster-Carr						
SSBW0ZZ	SSRI-21/2ZZEE	S21/2CHHE							
SSBRW1-4ZZ	SSRI-4ZZEE	S4CHHE	57155K379						
SSBRW133ZZ	SSRI-3332ZZEE	S3332CHHE	57155K13						
SSBRW1-5ZZ	SSRI-5ZZEE	S5CHHE	57155K381						
SSBRW144ZZ	SSRI-418ZZEE	S418CHHE	57155K382						
SSBRW2-5ZZ	SSRI-518ZZEE	S518CHHE	57155K383						
SSBRW2-6ZZ	SSRI-618ZZEE	S618CHHE	57155K14						
SSBRW155ZZ	SSRI-5532ZZEE	SR5532CHHE	57155K15						
SSBRW156ZZ	SSRI-5632ZZEE	SR5632CHHE	57155K16						
SSBRW3ZZ	SSRI-6632ZZEE	S6316CHHE	57155K384						
SSBRW3ZZ	SSR-3ZZEE	SR3CHHE	57155K385						
SSBRW168ZZ	SSRI-614ZZEE	S614CHHE	57155K386						
SSBRW188ZZ	SSRI-814ZZEE	S814CHHE	57155K387						
SSBRW4ZZ	SSR-4ZZEE	SR4CHHE	57155K388						
SSBRW1810ZZ	SSRI-8516ZZEE	S8516CHHE	57155K389						
Inch Series Extended Inner Ring Flanged Open									
APT P/N	NHBB	MPB_(Timken)							
SSBFRW0	SSRIF-21/2EE	S21/2FCE							
SSBFRW133	SSRIF-3332EE	S3332FCE							
SSBFRW144	SSRIF-418EE	S418FCE							
SSBFRW2-5	SSRIF-518EE	S518FCE							
SSBFRW2-6	SSRIF-618EE	S618FCE							
SSBFRW155	SSRIF-5532EE	SR5532FCE							
SSBFRW156	SSRIF-5632EE	SR5632FCE							
SSBFRW166	SSRIF-6632EE	S6316FCE							
SSBFRW168	SSRIF-614EE	S614FCE							
SSBFRW188	SSRIF-814EE	S814FCE							
SSBFRW1810	SSRIF-8516EE	S8516FCE							
Inch Series Extended Inner Ring Flanged Shielded									
APT P/N	NHBB	MPB_(Timken)	McMaster-Carr						
SSBFRW0ZZ	SSRIF-21/2ZZEE	S21/2FCHHE	57155K18						
SSBFRW133ZZ	SSRIF-3332ZZEE	S3332FCHHE	57155K327						
SSBFRW144ZZ	SSRIF-418ZZEE	S418FCHHE	57155K329						
SSBFRW2-5ZZ	SSRIF-518ZZEE	S518FCHHE	57155K331						
SSBFRW2-6ZZ	SSRIF-618ZZEE	S618FCHHE	57155K332						
SSBFRW155ZZ	SSRIF-5532ZZEE	SR5532FCHHE	57155K2						
SSBFRW156ZZ	SSRIF-5632ZZEE	SR5632FCHHE	57155K334						
SSBFRW166ZZ	SSRIF-6632ZZEE	S6316FCHHE	57155K335						
SSBFRW168ZZ	SSRIF-614ZZEE	S614FCHHE	57155K336						
SSBFRW188ZZ	SSRIF-814ZZEE	S814FCHHE	57155K337						
SSBFRW1810ZZ	SSRIF-8516ZZEE	S8516FCHHE	57155K338						
Metric Series Standard Open									
APT P/N	NHBB	McMaster-Carr							
SSB681	SSL-310	7487N11							
SSBSMR41X	SSR-412								
SSB681X	SSL-415	7487N12							
SSB691X	SSR-515								
SSB682	SSL-520	7487N13							
SSBMR52	SSL-520W02								
SSB692	SSR-620	7487N15							
SSBMR62	SSR-620W52								
SSBMR72	SSR-720Y52								
SSB602	SSR-720								
SSB682X	SSL-625								
SSB692X	SSR-725								
SSB602X	SSR-825								
SSBMR63	SSL-630								
SSB683	SSL-730								
SSB693	SSR-830	7487N16							
SSBMR93	SSR-930Y52								
SSB603	SSR-930								
SSB623	SSR-1030	7487N17							
SSBMR74	SSL-740								
SSBMR84	SSL-840								
SSB684	SSL-940								
SSBMR104	SSL-1040								
SSB694	SSR-1140								
SSB604	SSR-1240								
SSB624	SSR-1340	7487N18							
SSBMR85	SSL-850	7487N19							
SSBMR95	SSL-950								
SSBMR105	SSL-1050								
SSB685	SSL-1150	7487N21							
SSB695	SSR-1350	7487N22							
SSB605	SSR-1450								
SSBMR106	SSL-1060	7487N25							
SSBMR126	SSL-1260								
SSB686	SSL-1360	7487N26							
SSB696	SSR-1560	7487N28							
SSBMR117	SSL-1170	7487N27							
SSBMR137	SSL-1370								
SSB687	SSL-1470	7487N31							
SSBMR128	SSL-1280	7487N34							
SSBMR148	SSL-1480								
SSB688	SSL-1680	7487N35							
SSB689	SSL-1790	7487N38							
Metric Series Standard Shielded									
APT P/N	"McMaster-Carr
ABEC5"	NHBB	McMaster-Carr ABEC7						
SSB681XZZ	7487N42	SSL-415ZZ							
SSB691XZZ		SSR-515ZZ							
SSB682ZZ		SSL-520ZZ							
SSBMR52ZZ		SSL-520W02ZZ	7804K119						
SSB692ZZ		SSR-620ZZ							
SSBMR62ZZ		SSR-620W52ZZ							
SSBMR72ZZ		SSR-720Y52ZZ							
SSB602ZZ		SSR-720ZZ							
SSB682XZZ		SSL-625ZZ							
SSB692XZZ	7804K121	SSR-725ZZ							
SSB602XZZ		SSR-825ZZ							
SSBMR63ZZ	7804K124	SSL-630ZZ	7487N45						
SSB683ZZ	6153K27	DDL-730ZZ	7487N47						
SSB693ZZ	7804K126	SSR-830ZZ							
SSBMR93ZZ		SSR-930Y52ZZ							
SSB623ZZ	7804K128	SSR-1030ZZ							
SSBMR74ZZ		SSL-740ZZ							
SSBMR84ZZ		SSL-840ZZ							
SSB684ZZ		SSL-940ZZ							
SSBMR104ZZ	7804K1	SSL-1040ZZ							
SSB694ZZ	7804K101	SSR-1140ZZ							
SSB604ZZ	7804K102	SSR-1240ZZ							
SSB624ZZ		SSR-1340ZZ							
SSBMR85ZZ	7804K104	SSL-850ZZ							
SSBMR95ZZ	7804K105	SSL-950ZZ							
SSBMR105ZZ	7804K106	SSL-1050ZZ							
SSB685ZZ		SSL-1150ZZ	7487N51						
SSBMR115ZZ	7804K107	SSL-1150Y04ZZ							
SSB695ZZ	7804K108	SSR-1350ZZ	7487N52						
SSB605ZZ	7804K109	SSR-1450ZZ							
SSBMR106ZZ	7804K111	SSL-1060ZZ	7487N55						
SSBMR126ZZ	7804K112	SSL-1260ZZ							
SSB686ZZ	7804K113	SSL-1360ZZ	7487N56						
SSB696ZZ		SSR-1560ZZ	7487N57						
SSBMR117ZZ		SSL-1170ZZ	7487N59						
SSBMR137ZZ		SSL-1370ZZ							
SSB687ZZ	7804K114	SSL-1470ZZ	7487N61						
SSBMR128ZZ	7804K115	SSL-1280ZZ							
SSBMR148ZZ	7804K116	SSL-1480ZZ							
SSB688ZZ	7804K117	SSL-1680ZZ	7487N64						
SSB689ZZ		SSL-1790ZZ							
Metric Series Flanged Open									
APT P/N	NHBB	McMaster-Carr							
SSBMF41	SSRF-412								
SSBF681X	SSLF-415								
SSBF691X	SSRF-515								
SSBF682X	SSLF-520	57155K414							
SSBMF52	SSLF-520WO2	57155K416							
SSBF692	SSRF-620								
SSBMF72	SSRF-720Y52								
SSBF602	SSRF-720								
SSBF682X	SSLF-625								
SSBF692X	SSRF-725								
SSBF602X	SSRF-825								
SSBMF63	SSLF-630	57155K425							
SSBF683	SSLF-730	57155K427							
SSBF693	SSRF-830	57155K429							
SSBMF93	SSRF-930Y52								
SSBF623	SSRF-1030	57155K436							
SSBMF74	SSLF-740	57155K438							
SSBMF84	SSLF-840	57155K441							
SSBF684	SSLF-940	57155K443							
SSBMF104	SSLF-1040								
SSBF694	SSRF-1140								
SSBF604	SSRF-1240	57155K449							
SSBF624	SSRF-1340	57155K452							
SSBMF85	SSLR850	57155K456							
SSBMF95	SSLF-950	57155K458							
SSBMF105	SSLF-1050	57155K461							
SSBF685	SSLF-1150	57155K463							
SSBF695	SSRF-1350	57155K465							
SSBF605	SSRF-1450	57155K467							
SSBMF106	SSLF-1060	57155K473							
SSBMF126	SSLF-1260	57155K475							
SSBF686	SSLF-1360	57155K476							
SSBF696	SSRF-1560	57155K479							
SSBMF117	SSLF-1170	57155K486							
SSBMF137	SSLF-1370								
SSBF687	SSLF-1470								
SSBMF128	SSLF-1280								
SSBMF148	SSLF-1480	57155K497							
SSBF688	SSLF-1680	57155K499							
SSBF689	SSLF-1790	57155K515							
Metric Series Flanged Shielded									
APT P/N	NHBB	"McMaster-Carr 
ABEC3"	McMaster-Carr						
SSBF681XZZ	SSLF-415ZZ	57155K519							
SSBF691XZZ	SSRF-515ZZ								
SSBF682XZZ	SSLF-520ZZ	57155K526							
SSBSMF52ZZ	SSLF-520WO2ZZ	57155K528							
SSBF692ZZ	SSRF-620ZZ	57155K531							
SSBMF72ZZ	SSRF-720Y52ZZ								
SSBF602ZZ	SSRF-720ZZ								
SSBF682XZZ	SSLF-625ZZ	57155K535							
SSBF692XZZ	SSRF-725ZZ	57155K531							
SSBF602XZZ	SSRF-825ZZ								
SSBMF63ZZ	SSLF-630ZZ	57155K538							
SSBF683ZZ	SSLF-730ZZ	57155K541							
SSBF693ZZ	SSRF-830ZZ	57155K543							
SSBMF93ZZ	SSRF-930Y52ZZ								
SSBF623ZZ	SSRF-1030ZZ	57155K549							
SSBMF74ZZ	SSLF-740ZZ	57155K552							
SSBMF84ZZ	SSLF-840ZZ	57155K554							
SSBF684ZZ	SSLF-940ZZ								
SSBMF104ZZ	SSLF-1040ZZ	57155K555	7804K129						
SSBF694ZZ	SSRF-1140ZZ	57155K558							
SSBF604ZZ	SSRF-1240ZZ	57155K561							
SSBF624ZZ	SSRF-1340ZZ	57155K563							
SSBSMF85ZZ	SSLR850ZZ	57155K567							
SSBMF95ZZ	SSLF-950ZZ		7804K135						
SSBMF105ZZ	SSLF-1050ZZ	57155K569	7804K136						
SSBF685ZZ	SSLF-1150ZZ	57155K574							
SSBF695ZZ	SSRF-1350ZZ	57155K576	7804K138						
SSBF605ZZ	SSRF-1450ZZ	57155K578							
SSBMF106ZZ	SSLF-1060ZZ	57155K585	7804K141						
SSBMF126ZZ	SSLF-1260ZZ	57155K587	7804K142						
SSBF686ZZ	SSLF-1360ZZ	57155K589	7804K143						
SSBF696ZZ	SSRF-1560ZZ	57155K592							
SSBMF117ZZ	SSLF-1170ZZ		7804K157						
SSBMF137ZZ	SSLF-1370ZZ								
SSBF687ZZ	SSLF-1470ZZ	57155K613							
SSBMF128ZZ	SSLF-1280ZZ	57155K622	7804K145						
SSBMF148ZZ	SSLF-1480ZZ	57155K624	7804K146						
SSBF688ZZ	SSLF-1680ZZ	57155K626	7804K147						
SSBF689ZZ	SSLF-1790ZZ	57155K633	7804K148